More Spengler Company Inc jobs


The Spengler Company, Inc. is headquartered in O'Fallon, Illinois and has been a 5 Star rated service company for the past 42 years. We will only hire for a career, not just a year! We are the place where a vision is driven, the best are built, and the rest can only hope to be. 

The Spengler Company Inc. offers a full benefits package including: 

  • Health, Dental and Prescription Insurance
  • Life Insurance Policy Paid 100% by Spengler
  • Paid Vacation, Sick Time and Holiday Pay
  • 401K Program
  • Innovative Training, Bonus Programs, Awards and Extra Paid Time Off!

Job Responsibilities:

  • Establish relationship with Remodel Sales and Customer to assist in remodels/construction jobs with information provided.
  • Work with Representatives/vendors/subcontractors

Job Requirements:

  • Carry out construction, assembly, alteration or renovation of buildings, structures, fittings, cabinets, cupboards and modular unites, possibly for single and multi-storey domestic, commercial and industrial environments
  • Carry out construction activity, e.g., digging footings, erecting sub-floor structures; wall and roof framing; internal and external cladding; fit-out and fixutes of doors and all building hardware and fittings
  • Use hand tools, e.g., hammers, chisels, hand saws, screwdrivers, measuring tapes and leveling  devices
  • Use power tools, e.g., electric battery drills, power saws, routers, sanders, planners, laser leveling devices, pneumatic (air) tools, e.g., nail guns
  • Operate workshop equipment, e.g., static machines, band saws, screwdrivers, measuring tapes and leveling devices
  • Collect and assemble building supplies
  • Use safe and appropriate means to access (both internal and external) for building and construction sites and trade school environments
  • Follow appropriate safety practices when using ladders, other access ways, handrails, barriers, scaffolding and mechanical lifts
  • Use devices such as mobile phones in the workplace
  • Follow appropriate manual handling techniques for manual tasks including lifting and moving items
  • Drive vehicles and operate machinery
  • Complete appropriate documentation and recording information on computerized programs
  • Carry out theory and practical assessment tasks in building sites
  • Follow written and verbal instructions in workplace
  • Strong working knowledge of residential construction
  • Financial acumen including the ability to determine if a job is profitable and what operational activities affect positive or negative results
  • Effective communication needed with the Remodel Sales staff for effective and efficient profitability
  • Highly organized with exceptional follow-through abilities
  • Strong verbal and written communications
  • Good presentation and public speaking skills
  • Passionate about the Spengler Company and Love the brand
  • Familiar with local codes and can speak to company product lines
  • Outgoing personality that blends well with a fast-paced, goal-driven environment
  • Highly motivated, flexible and great attitude on life

Some tasks will require moderate dexterity and moderate to high physical exertion through varied working positions, e.g., standing, kneeling, bending and overhead positions, working in heights plus digging and handling building products.

Apprentices are expected to be available during required working hours as needed by the Spengler Company, Inc.  

Note:  Tasks carried out with this position will be done so in accordance with codes of practice, job safety and safe working/operating procedures.