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Tiffany Reeves Melrose Park, IL (60160)
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  • Sets up and operates different CNC controlledmilling and/or lathe machines with the following responsibilities:
  • Selects, measures, assemble, and set machinetools, such as drill bits and milling or cutting tools, using precision gaugesand instruments
  • Mounts, installs, aligns, and secures tools,attachments, fixtures, and work piece on machine, using hand tools andprecision measuring instruments
  • Determines specifications or procedures fortooling set-up, machine operation, work piece dimensions, or numerical controlsequences, using blueprints, instructions, and machine knowledge
  • Calculates and sets machine controls to positiontools, or regulate cutting depth, speed, feed, or coolant flow
  • Positions and secures work piece on machine bed,indexing table, fixture, or dispensing or holding device
  • Loads control media, such as card, or disk, inmachine controller or enters commands to retrieve programmed instructions
  • Starts automatic operation of CNC to machineparts or test setup, work piece dimensions, or programming
  • Confers with supervisor or programmer to resolvemachine malfunctions and production errors and obtains approval to continueproduction
  • Maintains machines and removes and replacesbroken or worn machine tools, using hand tools
  • Operates lathe, drill-press, grinder, or othermachines manually or semiautomatic
  • Measures dimensions of finished work piece toensure conformance to specifications, using precision measuring instruments,templates, and fixtures
  • Enters commands or manually adjusts machinecontrols to correct malfunctions or tolerances
  • Stops machine to remove finished work piece orchange tooling, setup, or work piece placement, according to required machiningsequence
  • Monitors machine operation and control paneldisplays to detect malfunctions and compare readings to specifications

Key Qualifications

* 3 years minimum CNC setup experience

 * Ability to work OT

  • Program, set-up, and operate CNC milling and/or turning centers. Indicate fixturing, including zero & reference points; set tool registers, offsets, and compensation.
  • Manufacture close-tolerance components from drawings and shop orders.
  • Make tool selections based on job set up documents, monitor and adjust tool offsets to maintain part accuracy, verify first-piece inspection and perform in-process quality checks.
  • Must be self-directed and have ability to work without supervision.