Plumber - $10k Sign On Bonus. Year Round Work. 2 days per week on call. $100k/yr or more. High Hourly Wage + Commission

Lisle, IL posted on September 22


First off, thanks for taking the time to read this message.  My name is Justin Carrol and I own Perfect Home Services located in Lisle, IL.  I am searching for licensed & apprentice residential plumbers to add to my team.  I plan to hire immediately to allow my business to continue its rapid growth rate.  I am looking for skilled and experienced plumbers who want an opportunity to work with a team that is focused on providing the best client experience possible while growing their personal skill set, making great money and enjoying the ride.  And best of all I've got a brand new 2017 Truck getting all set up right now for our new plumbers :-)


What I need:

  • Plumbing Licenese Status Requirements
    • At least 2-years of time or more on an apprentice card
    • Journeymen plumbers preferred
  • At least 2-years of hands-on experience in residential plumbing
  • Ability to pass a background check and drug screening
  • Good driving record
  • High school degree or equivalent
  • Excellent written and verbal skills
  • Ability to effectively communicate technical information to non-technical clients
  • Ability to recommend what is in the best interest of the client and support that recommendation by educating the client
  • Ability to provide your own basic hand tools necessary to perform job duties
  • Ability to participate in an on-call rotation


 What you’ll be responsible for:

  • Performing service related tasks including, but not limited to the diagnoses and repair/replacement of drain stoppages, water heaters, water leaks, faucets, toilets, water line re-pipes and just about anything else related to the plumbing system in a residential home.
  • Asking customers lots of questions about their system, how they use it and what’s important to them
  • Providing custom flat rate repair/replacement options to customers that will make sense to them based on what you’ve learned about their needs and wants
  • Turning our customers into raving fans of our business


What you’ll get:

  • Immediate Plumbing Apprenticeship
    • For those applicants who don't have their journeyman plumbing license yet, we will put you under a Journeyman's card immediately
    • We will provide opportunities for continued education throughout the year
  • Company Truck
    • Techs can take trucks home every night which will save money on gas & personal vehicle wear and tear
    • We have brand new 2017 Plumbing trucks that are very well stocked
  • Smart Phone & Tablet
    • You can use your company phone & tablet for personal use as much as you want
    • Think about home much money this will save you on cell phone bills
  • Insurance
    • Fantastic Health and Dental insurance through Blue Cross & Blue shield for you and your entire family
    • Most insurance plans for our industry don't cover near as much as ours does
    • You get to pick: HMO or PPO
    • Our rates are extremely low when compared to competitors
  • You set your own hourly wage & the sky is the limit
    • We have a fair guaranteed wage to keep your income safe along with a very high commission plan on top of the base wage
    • Pay system is not capped or based on seniority
    • You could bring in $60/hr or more in your first week in a truck
    • Tons of bonuses and spiffs to make extra cash
  • 401K Retirement Plan
  • Uniforms
    • We provide great looking uniform shirts to make sure you look very professional
  • Training
    • Our training is second to none, guaranteed
    • We pay for all of your training and costs associated with travel & lodging
    • We train every week on new products and services related to the industry
    • We offer HVAC cross training opportunites
  • Time Off
    • We give 8 days of company paid vacation and personal time for the first year of service
    • You may earn up to 18 days paid vacation and personal time for company loyalty
    • We also allow 2 weeks of unpaid personal time off per year… think about what that's worth to you
  • Vacation Contests
    • We hold contests where employees can win a paid vacation for two to an exotic destination
  • Culture
    • We have an environment of team players that like to make money & have fun
    • Our employees often tell us that they look forward to coming to work every day
    • We have several company outings per year where we all get to know each other better
    • Think about how valuable it is to work for a company where you enjoy your time at work
  • Communication
    • We encourage, welcome & listen to communication from everyone in the company
    • Everyone in the company has a voice
    • Anyone in the company can talk to the owner & the owner listens
  • Opportunity for Advancement
    • We are a fast growing company that believes in growing our employees and hiring from within first
    • We don't give promotions for seniority, we give them for ability
    • A person hired as a helper could literally run the company in a relatively short period if they earn that right
  • Our Company Reputation
    • We have a great reputation in the marketplace. Check our online reviews.
  • Employee Appreciation & Respect
    • We consider our employees one of our most valuable assets and we treat them that way!


As I said, I need to hire a plumber right now, so please don’t wait to apply.  You don’t have anything to lose.  Apply now so we can chat and see if there’s a good fit for us.  I promise to keep our initial conversation short and to respect your time.  I truly hope this is the last time you’ll ever have to apply for a job for the rest of your life.



Justin Carrol

Owner:  Perfect Home Services